Who we are

Members of Executive Working Committee (EWC) of ASPNKM are those who are professionals in their personal life and dedicatedly performs their responsibilities as an EC member.  EC Team has only one motto “working towards the betterment of our culture, tradition, art and society”.

Some of our team members are multi-talented artists (who can sing, dance, act and play instruments) and have the ability to perform typical Nepalese folk songs and dances with the ethnic touch of Nepalese culture.

List of Executive Working Committee members of ASPNKM:

      > Mr. Ashok Gurung - President
      > Mr. Om Bahadur Thapa - Vice President
      > Mr. Suraj Rana - General Secretary
      > Mr. Hukum Thapa - Joint Secretary
      > Mr. Devender Gurung - Treasurer
      > Mrs. Basanti Gurung - Joint Treasurer
      > Ms. Sunita Pandey - Cultural Secretary
      > Mr. Puran Singh - Asst Cultural Secretary
      > Mr. Mahipal Singh Rawat - Publicity Secretary
      > Mr. Ramesh Kumar Bisht – Joint Publicity Secretary
      > Mr. Kiran Kumar Rasaily - Auditor
      > Mr. Nakul Bisht - Sports Secretary
      > Mr. Bodhraj Shahee - Chief Advisor
      > Mr. Rohit Vohra - Executive Member
      > Mrs. Pushpa Shahee - Executive Member
      > Mr. Mohan Kumar Gurung - Executive Member
      > Mrs. Sushma Gurung - Executive Member
      > Mr. Tara Bahadur - Executive Member
      > Mrs. Indra Shahee - Executive Member
      > Mr. Krishna Shrestha - Executive Member