to brighten our hidden talents, to grow and develop, lets come together in every respect to assist and help each other, and then proudly say…


Adarsh Shri Pashupati Nath Kala Mandir (ASPNKM, fondly called Kalamandir) was originaly formed in 1976 with the objective of development of Nepalese art and culture in India. On August 21, 1978 ASPNKM formally got registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, Delhi Administration, India. Kalamandir is a self-funded welfare society. All the Nepalese living or residing in India are aware of the history of Kalamandir. In last two decades Kalamandir has been known for its excellent cultural programmes and social development work.


Committed to make Nepalese art and culture strongly known and visible amongst the Nepalese community in India.


Inspired by the hard work and commitment of our Founders and Veterans of Kalamandir, we are committed to do social and cultural development activities to create awareness in the society to preserve Nepalese art and culture across India, spreading the message of love and brotherhood through music and who is Ready to help poor and needy Nepalese in India.